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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I contact your Customer Service department?

A. Please click here for full details of how to contact us.


Q. Who do I contact regarding PR or press enquiries?

A. Please click here for details of our Press Office.


Q. I need to get some information for an article I am writing, who should I contact?

A. Please email us and we will endeavour to assist you.


Q. What shipping options do I have?

A. Please click here for details about shipping and delivery.


Q. How is the shipping and handling cost calculated?

A. Please click here for details about shipping and delivery.


Q. When will my order be delivered?

A. Orders are typically delivered within three days after the date of shipping to destinations in Estonia and within 7 days after the date of shipping to an address outside of Estonia, please click here for details of our delivery times.


Q. I like to pick up the order myself instead of having it shipped. Is that possible?

A. Unfortunately it is not possible to pick up products ordered in our online store. All orders will be shipped to the address of your choice. Guests staying at Pädaste Manor will find the selection that we offer in our on-line store available for purchase at the hotel. Please inquire with our receptionist.


Q. How do I return an item?

A. Please click here for details of our returns policy. 


Q. Are products selected and produced by Pädaste sustainably sourced?

A. All items that we sell are based on produce or merchandise obtained from sustainable sources.  


Q. How can I unsubscribe from your email newsletter?

A. Please manage your preferences in the bottom of our newsletter or send an email with the request to unsubscribe to padaste-special@padaste.ee


Q. Where can I try the wines from the Pädaste Collection?

A. All wines and other beverages from the Pädaste Collection are being served in Alexander Restaurant at Pädaste Manor and Restaurant Neh in Tallinn. Some by glass others by bottle. 


Q. Where else can I buy Pädaste Gourmet products?

A. Pädaste Gourmet products are available in selected outlets in Tallinn, Tallinn Airport, and Tartu and in Pädaste Manor on Muhu Island. Please click here for an overview of retailers that carry a selection of Pädaste Gourmet products.   


Q. I discovered that one of the bottles that I ordered has ‘cork’. What do I do?

A. Many of the wines in the Pädaste Collection have a screw top, which nowadays is considered to be the preferred closure method, even for top wines. A wine having ‘cork’ is a thing that indeed can happen to corked wines. Should this happen, please follow the instruction mentioned in our returns policy. We will arrange for an immediate exchange of the returned bottle.


Q. Is VAT (value added tax) included in my purchase?

A. Yes our prices include VAT. On most goods the Estonian VAT is 20% on some goods, books for example 9% and on financial goods like gift-vouchers the VAT is 0%. The VAT is displayed on your invoice.


Q. I live abroad. Can I purchase without VAT being charged?

A. According to European tax law private citizens are obliged to pay VAT regardless where they live or to what country inside or outside the EU the order is being shipped.  Under certain conditions it is possible for companies within the EU that are VAT registered to order goods from another EU country at 0% VAT. However such transaction cannot be made through our online store.
For business to business orders within the EU please inquire with our Customer Service team at padaste-special@padaste.ee 


Q. Are you using stabilizers, emulgators, artificial preservatives or other chemical agents or taste enhancers in the production of Pädaste Gourmet products?

A. No, none of these. We take pride in a rather old fashioned way of producing our gourmet products. They taste fine the way they are.


Q. Why is it that your salad dressing looks different from the usual dressings that I buy in the supermarket? It seems as if the content of the bottle does look like split in two.

A. We do not use emulgators in our salad dressing. Emulgators are artificial agents that keep a dressing, which is partly oil based and partly water based, nicely consistent after being bottled. Actually the fact that you do see the split between the water based and the oil based ingredients is a sign of quality. We recommend shaking the bottle before pouring. It’s as easy as that! 


Q. I have a specific allergy. How can I make sure that a Pädaste Gourmet product is suitable?  

A. Click on the product and open the view with heading ‘Ingredients’. Here you will find the full specification of all ingredients that have been used in making the product.